Santa & Mrs. Claus Call Center

Phone: 800-726-8222
Address: The North Pole
Volunteer: Volunteer Signup Form
Accidental Santa started as - you guessed it - an accident.  Each December, John Dickson's business phone number receives lots of misdialed calls from children trying to reach Santa Claus. His number is 1-800-SantaBarbara (726-8222) which happens to be one digit off from "SantaClaus" (726-8225). The first year it happened he answered all the calls himself and did his best to become the Jolly Old Elf. Now hundreds of volunteers help him. Accidental Santa is NOT a fundraiser and does not accept monetary donations or gifts. After Christmas is over the phone number becomes his real business line once again, for his tourism service that promotes the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, California.

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Special thanks to Cox Business Digital Telephone is providing a phone system to make it all happen.

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Common Questions

  • Anything related to One Direction music group

  • Electronics (Leap Pad, Ninentdo WII, Nintendo DS, Playstation, PSP, XBOX 360, iPhone, iPad, iPod, laptop, digital camera)

  • Clothes

  • Legos

  • Animals (puppy, kitten, pony)

  • Webkins

  • Dolls (Barbie, Bratz, Baby Alive)

  • Guitars & drums

  • Bikes

  • Remote control car

  • Skateboards & snowboards

  • Am I on the naughty or nice list?
  • Can I speak to an Elf?
  • Does Santa have my address?
  • Did you receive my list?
  • Is it cold in the North Pole?
  • When is Rudolph's birthday? Does he have a red nose and soft fur?
  • What are the names of all the Reindeer / Elf?
  • Why is Santa fat?
  • How many children do Santa & Mrs. Claus have?
  • Where is Santa? (asked to Mrs. Claus)
  • Is Santa real?

The Golden Rule
: Always tell children to ask a parent/guardian if it is OK to receive the gifts they requested so we don't disappoint them.

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